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4x G2 2k
G2 violet romans 2k
G2 glacier blue 2k
G2 golden fume 2k


6900 CHF  (before tax)

Gelidus 2 is upgraded new version, featuring new case with AR coated sapphire crystals, new dial design and new hands.

The word ‘gelidus’ means ice-cold and frosty in Latin, a proper and fitting name for the sleekly styled watch as frosting is used as a decoration technique on movement side as well as on dial. Bearing many similarities with the Laine Watches 1817 model, which is based on a 200-year old engraving decoration, the Gelidus 2 offers a streamlined design exuding craftsmanship and modern style.


The dial of the Gelidus 2 is made entirely in-house. The watch’s polished syringe style hands are crafted from steel. The Gelidus features the same two hardened steel bridges found in the 1817 model, but now the pieces feature a modernity in dimensional barrel bridge.


In addition, screw and jewel sinks and bridge chamfers have been polished by hand. Black polish on screw heads.


With the Gelidus 2, Laine intends to continue the company’s tradition of passing down bits of history and craftsmanship into each and every piece sold. Each piece is created not by machine, but by man, and the collections are made only in small batches.

Each watch comes with a handcrafted alligator strap.

Technical details

Movement LA18.1
Manually wind, 18000 bph. Red gold plated. Hardened and tempered steel bridges for balance wheel and for escapement wheel.


Made in-house from one solid piece. Sand blasted and circular grained by hand. Galvanized with gold and hand painted for gradient effect or PVD plated with blue or other colors.


Dial numeral options:

- 12-3-9 with bars

- 12-2-4-8-10 with dots

- full numerals

- romans XII-III-IX

- custom dial designs possible


Stainless steel 40.5mm, lug width 20mm. Thickness 11.25mm. Water resistant. Frosted cavities on sides.

Double domed sapphire glass with AR coating on both sides on front and flat on back with AR coating inside.

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