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The Laine Chronograph offers the sleek, polished look of a finely crafted, new watch parallel with the seasoned excellence of a quality modernized chronograph from yesteryear. The design is based on half-century-old restored Valjoux movements that have been extensively modified and hand finished. Valjoux movements were used in the past by high-end watch manufacturers and the movements are widely regarded as one of the best manually wound chronograph movements in history.

Laine’s process includes the thorough restoration of original movements and the in-house creation of 38 new parts, including 5 bridges, 4 springs, a new coupling clutch assembly, and a pristine balance wheel made of copper beryllium with 4 adjustable, white gold inertia weights. Each Laine Chronograph also features a free-sprung balance spring with a hand bent Phillips terminal curve.

All the steel components, bridges, and watch hands of each Laine Chronograph are filed and mirror polished by hand. Also the jewel holes and screw heads receive special treatment.

The Laine Chronograph offers unparalleled craftsmanship and authenticity, along with several customization options. The movements and 3-dimensional dials are available in several color options.

The Laine Chronograph is an appealing option for watch, art, and history enthusiasts alike, promising the unique opportunity to own a updated version of this living legend. By combining the classic, hardworking movements of yesterday with the steady, enthusiastic craftsmanship of the watchmakers of today, the Laine Chronograph offers a new watch with an old soul.

Technical details

Manually wind chronograph movement, 18000 bph. 38 in-house components. Available colors are dark grey, red gold, yellow gold and rhodium.

1.5 mm thick three dimensional dial with 20 color options. White lacquer sub dials.

Free sprung, copper beryllium with white gold inertia weights, 12.5 mm diameter, Breguet terminal curve on Nivarox balance spring

Case size
40 mm, height 14.1 mm, lug width 20 mm. Stainless steel.

Sapphire glass with AR coating front and back

Alligator strap


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